DSM 6.2

DiskStation Manager 6.2

In DSM 6.2, we aim to provide better IT management flexibility and usability in every aspect. The new Advanced
LUN,iSCSI Manager, and Storage Manager take management efficiency to a whole new level. Security update
with no service downtime in SHA and abnormal DSM login detection bring you a more powerful but secure DSM.

Proven Reliability

Over 71,000 downloads in the eight-month DSM 6.2 Beta period. It
provides more stability than ever. This is what you’ve been waiting for.

The cutting-edge iSCSI service

The new Advanced LUN
Advanced LUN provides lightning-fast snapshot creation, recovery, cloning, plus VAAI/ODX support for improved VM performance.


Better Perfomance
Sequential writing perfomance increased by 46% with the new Advanced LUN, enhancing storage efficiency


Brand new iSCSI Manager
Built for IT administrators, the brand new interface optimizes iSCSI management and monitoring.

Snapshot replication

Create and manage snapshots efficiently
Experience fast snapshot management on shared folders and iSCSI LUNs. With the debut of Advanced LUN in DSM 6.2, LUN snapshot and replication can be finished within seconds.


View snapshot storage consumption at a glance
The snapshot calculator provides a transparent report on the storage space consumed by shared folder snapshots. IT administrators can utilize storage space more efficiently by deleting bulky snapshots.

Storage Manager

More refined, more sophisticated, inside and out

Storage dashboard
The new overview page provides rich and comprehensive storage information as well as a friendly user interface for everyone

More intuitive management
Storage pool now replaces RAID Group and Disk Group to unify storage structures, providing a consistent and smooth storage management experience.

Bit rot prevention
Smart data scrubbing can periodically check your storage to reduce the likelihood of silent data corruption and minimize the risk of uncorrectable errors.

Synology High Availability

A thorough refinement that brings optimized system updates, more intuitive operations, a faster initial setup, and a brand new monitoring tool.

System updated optimized
No more struggles between security updates and service availability. Non-essential reboots can now be avoided upon important system updates to maximize service uptime.

Essential operations redesigned
Cluster operations have been redesigned and become built-in to provide a secure and intuitive cluster management experience.

Accelerated initial setup
An additional method for initial cluster setup is now available to help you set up your SHA cluster within minutes.

Monitoring tool brings in-depth assessments
In addition to the system overview, a built-in resource monitor for both active and passive servers is now available for a more in-depth control of the SHA cluster.

System Enhancement

Btrfs on more models

The Btrfs file system is now supported on select Value series NAS. This delivers uses the most advanced storage technology with features such as file self-healing, data consistency, and shared folder snapshots.

Comprehensive security protection

Synology provides intelligent detection of abnormal login attempts and flexible secure connection profiles.

Security Advisor
Using intelligent techniques, Security Advisor can learn from the past login attempts, detect abnormal logins, and display the geolocation of the attacker. Moreover, user can easily generate daily and monthly DSM security reports.

TLS/SSL Profile Level
A more advanced way to configure the security level profile based on different services, providing a customized solution to suit the security requirements of different networks.

A whole new Package Center

Featuring a rotating banner, clearer categorization,
and enhanced search capability, the completely redesigned
Package Center allows users to quickly find everything they need.

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