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With 8TB of storage, you get the digital freedom to soar to new heights

With WD’s new 8TB helium platform, you’ll find the HDD storage that’s a perfect fit fro you. A helium-sealed drive reduces internal resistance for improved performance, optimized power consumption, and greater capacity. Whether it’s an automated backup device, a drive optimized for 24/7 performance, or something for OS X right out of the box, we have you covered.

WD Red

Network it in RED


With an industry-leading WD red drive for every compatible NAS system to help meet your storage needs, the new 8TB WD offers a wide array of solutions. If you’re looking to build the biggest, best NAS storage solution, 8TB’s is as good as it gets. Built for single bay to 8-Bay NAS systems, they pack the right amount of punch to store your precious data in one powerhouse unit.

The WD Red exclusive technology takes the guesswork out of selecting a hard drive. WD Red, suited for small NAS systems, is simply the most compatible drive available for NAS enclosures.




WD purple

Capture it in Purple


WD purples drives, built for 24/7, always on, high definition security systems provide support for up to 8 hard dries and 32 cameras for optimized surveillance. WD Purple surveillance storage also comes with an exclusive technology, ‘Allframe’ to WD allowing you to confidently create a security system tailored to the needs of your business.

WD’s Allframe technology improves ATA streaming, reducing errors, pixelation, and video interruptions that happen when the wrong drive is used in your video recorder system.

With 8TB’s of storage, you can store more and worry less.



WD gold wp

Scale it in GOLD


WD Gold provides you with up to 10x the workload capacity of desktop drives, employing advanced technology to deliver among the best in reliability, capacity, power efficiency, and performance. Designed for a multitude of datacenter-specific applications, WD Gold hard drives are a perfect fit for high availability server and storage arrays that demand the most robust storage device available.

From entry level servers to high end enterprise storage systems, WD Gold hard drives offer the capacities required for the most demanding data-center environments.

Delivering both performance and reliability to any datacenter environment, WD Gold hard drives are designed to handle workloads up to 550TB per year, among the highest workload capability of any 3.5 inch hard drive