Are You In Control When Disaster Strikes?

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The fast pace of technological development, raises the question: what happens next and when? Information Technology will continue to develop and revolutionize the way tasks are managed and implemented. Becoming the necessity it has, IT handles even the most critical business tasks such as communication, security as well as productivity, and a well established IT system can help play a big role in the success of a business.

Information Technology has become the backbone of every day business tasks and is used to produce critical data regularly. But when disaster strikes that data can be wiped in an instant and without a recovery plan you will be left in the dark. 40% of businesses never re-open after a catastrophic data loss, so a contingency plan is vital.

Data can be affected in a multitude of ways from something as small as power cuts, and ransomware to something as big as an earthquake or any other natural disaster. Taking control of your IT and producing a contingency plan requires 2 main solutions to disaster, storage and back-up and there are 2 terms commonly thrown around to provide a quick fix, ‘external hard drives’ or ‘the Cloud’.

External hard drives, offer both back up and storage for critical data, but can be damage, lost, or corrupted just as easy as your computers hard drive. The Cloud is another story, the Cloud offers, storage for a fee, but is often limited to space. Storing on the Cloud does eliminate the risk of data loss in case of corruption and physical damage, but it does pose other risks such as data security and connectivity issues, connectivity disruption disrupts data access and productivity. One of the disadvantages of backing up your data to the Cloud is that the process can be slow, even when using broadband speeds. The more data you have the more sluggish the speeds, when sending data to the cloud, or try to execute a full HDD restore.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) such as Synology are local storage that offer massive storage capacities and powerful solutions to help store, protect and back up your data and allow you to take control over your own disaster recovery plan. With hard drives and power redundancy measures to counter hardware failure such as hard drives dying and power  supplies failing.


Data centre in NAS

Your own Private Cloud Data center, at a fraction of the price.


When disaster strikes storing on premises can be compromised,  but Synology inbuilt proprietary software provides comprehensive methods to replicate and back-up your data to an offsite location at no additional license or software cost, depending on the level of redundancy you require. whether that be to another NAS at your home or another Branch. In addition you can utilize the cloud as well as your local storage device to create a ‘Hybrid Cloud’ allowing you to remain as an owner of your storage rather than a tenant. The local copy can be used as day-to-day access and a back up copy stored on the Cloud as a back-up destination, ensuring your data is protected from physical disaster as well as virtual threats.

Because data is more often than not mission critical, storage and back-up are not the only important factors to consider when up time for your data is crucial. Renting space on the Cloud for your main source of storage does not always guarantee this due to a wide range of factors that can disrupt your internet connection. Taking control over your IT means that you can ensure your always up and running. Synology’s high availability application runs an active and passive server, if your active server for what ever reason goes down, the passive server picks up where the other one left off, giving you total control over your productivity. Instead of duplicated all different hardware in your IT environment, paying additional licensing fee or service fee for multiple devices why not take a look at how Synology can make your business IT simple by simply consolidating multiple systems in to an all-in-one solution.

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