Synology Active Backup For Office 365

Active Backup for Office 365

As cloud collaboration is becoming increasingly relied on in the workplace due to
the flexibility and convenience it brings, businesses are also facing the need to
own and protect the corporate data created and stored on cloud services.
Hence, Active Backup for Office 365 is introduced to provide an on-premise
backup solution to help prevent against accidental events and to retain data for
legal or litigation hold, thereby ensuring complete control over employee data.

Your Responsibility

There is a common misunderstanding that data is backed up once stored to Office 365, but in fact, Microsoft only provides hardware
infrastructure and related services.


Protect your intellectual assets
When it comes to data security, businesses should take full responsibility to control their precious data and protect against human errors or malicious attacks.


Hold data for compliance and legal purposes
With industry regulations in place, organization often face the challenge of data retention. On the long run, however, the space storage needed could incur significant costs.


Optimize the process for data restoration
As data on Office 365 might take considerable time and effort to restore, it is crucial to enhance restoration efficiency and minimize work disruption.

Comprehensive Office 365 backup

Back up your Office 365 mail, contacts, calendar, and OneDrive for Business with this on-premise solution.


Drive data protection
Drive data and the corresponding metadata, such as last modified time
and sharing permissions, are both supported for backup.


Contacts protection
Customer and partner relationships are key to business success. By backing up the contacts on Office 365, Active Backup for Office 365 helps reduce the risk of losing such assets.


Mail protection
Data stored in a wide variety of Office 365 mailboxes, such as personal and shared mailboxes, along with their folders, folder structures, and attachments can all be backed up.


Calendar protection
More often than not, data is deleted only for us to realize that it’s still needed, so start backing up your business events in Office 365 calendars now for unexpected needs.

Your NAS, your control

Businesses can enable continuous backup to minimize the risk of data loss while flexibly preserving backup versions by setting a specific time period for file retention.


Continuous backup
Continuous backup allows businesses to back up users’ services periodically, in a non-stop manner, thereby minimizing the risk of data loss.


Flexible file versioning
If changes are made, data will be backed up. When a backed-up file is updated to a new version, its previous version will be preserved for the period of time you set for file retention, so that at least the previous version will be available for restoration.

Management redefined

No matter how many domains are set to be backed up, admins can monitor and manage backup tasks effortlessly from a single interface.

Centralized dashboard
The cleverly redesigned dashboard enables IT admins to monitor real-time and historical protection of backup services, storage consumption, as well as data transmission history.

Account Discovery
Account Discovery, which can be enabled by service, detects users whose Office 365 services are enabled and automatically selects them for backup, saving admins the trouble of manual setup.

Storage efficiency

Synology’s advanced storage technologies enable businesses to keep the most data while using the least storage space.

Single Instancing
Mail/calendar attachments (if stored in Btrfs volumes) and OneDrive files that contain identical content will only be stored to Synology NAS once, which saves storage space.

Block-level deduplication
Files stored in Btrfs volumes on Synology NAS can be deduplicated with previous versions, minimizing the storage space required.

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