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Stardom ST4-TB

4Bay, Thunderbolt 2 data storage, Big storage for your projects

Environmentally friendly, advanced power management, Designed to help you complete your video and photography projects.


 The ultimate all-in-one demands the most advanced I/O technology. Each tiny Thunderbolt port lets you expand the capabilities of your Mac for connecting high performance peripherals, transfer data at high speed, or even daisy-chain multiple devices. With Thunderbolt 2 built-in, it delivers twice the bandwidth over the original thunderbolt connection — up to 20 Gbps — for the fastest data transfers.

Compact, for easy portability


Shooting films, or beautiful photos out in the field can be limited by storage space. the Stardom ST4-TB is compact and portable and allows for field editing applications, with a handle it makes creative content mobile convenient and less bulky.

Thunderbolt 2


Thunderbolt 2 technology provides mind boggling speeds. With 2 Thunderbolt 2 ports on the ST4-TB it carries dual 20-Gbps channels for data transfer, 4x FASTER than USB 3.0. Beyond speed, Thunderbolt gives you unprecedented expansion capabilities a must have feature. This feature allows daisy chaining up to 6 Thunderbolt devices to a single port. Since Thunderbolt is display port technology based, mini display port devices like Apple LE Cinema Display can plug right in too.