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Promise Pegasus 3

The New Standard In Rich Media Solutions


Performance meets protection:

HD or 4K workflow environments creates enormous amounts of content. More cases than not, that mission critical content is irreplaceable, and loss of content is always very costly – especially if you miss your deadline. The Pegasus 3 – Symply Edition Series combines lightning fast 40GB/s Thunderbolt 3 with advanced RAID protection, ensuring your mission critical data is safe and secure. With 4, 6 and 8 drive configuration, ranging from 12TB to 48TB of data storage, there is a storage solution that fits the unique needs of a production professional


laptopUnleash Your Creativity:

Experience the ability to seamlessly edit and stream HD or 4K (Ultra HD) content, while backing up your files at the same time. Thanks to the worlds fastest connectivity speeds Thunderbolt 3 (40 Gb/s – double the speed of the previous Thunderbolt 2). Thunderbolt 3 perfectly supports bandwidth-hogging, high resolution workflows.

Being away from the studio for a shoot doesn’t mean you have to scarifice the RAID protection or speeds of your SAN storage. The Promise Pegasus3 range is compact and portable so you can take it anywhere, making it ideal for filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers and other multimedia professionals, especially on set, where speed matters the most.




The prefect compliment to the Macbook Pro

Pegasus3 Symply Edition, delivers the capacity and performance engineered by industry leaders Promise, and ease of use and optimisation of Symply to make the most demanding creative projects easy. With dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, expanding devices or adding dual 5K displays is fast and easy.

Designed with creatives in mind, the powerful Symply Storage Management Suite provides easy to set-up and get right to work storage management. No more drilling down to find what you need, or accidentally making a change. With the Symply storage management suite the thinking is done for you.

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