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Don’t Let Budget Compromise Performance


With digital content on the rise the movies are moving towards the 4K and photos are being taken in higher resolutions. With the increase in these parameters, the ‘need for speed’ in storage is quickly becoming a critical factor when choosing what storage gear to use. People in the designing, video editing industry (graphic designers, content designers, animators and designers of all scales) often run in to the problem that is the constantly growing data size that the single HDD/SSD in their PC’s are struggling to cater for, forcing them to run an external storage device.

One major concern when picking an external storage device for applications such as real time online storage, is how quickly can they access their data? obviously they don’t want to wait forever for an important file to transfer. With the availability of the Thunderbolt connections, users can now have access to a 10/20Gb direct attached storage speeds, however, the catch is that it’s still bottle-necked by the throughput on a single HDD. Each Hard Drive has a maximum throughput, so even if you have a 10/20Gb Thunderbolt connection running, a single or two HDD’s will have its speed capped, to help give you a better understanding of what we are talking about, we have done a speed test and you can see the comparison in performance between HDD and SSD.

Also most Thunderbolt storage devices come pre-assembled with Hard Drives so there isn’t a lot of options that give you the freedom to choose what goes in the device, these can also be quite costly. We understand these products may not be budget friendly and might not be desirable for every project, this is where the Stardom ST2-TB and ST4-TB comes in handy.

Already well known in the designing industry, Stardom offers a cost-effective, direct attached storage platform which can cater for the much needed performance without breaking the bank.

ST2 and ST4 offer a 2 bay or 4 bay TB enclosure where users can assemble with traditional 7200RPM HDD in RAID 0 to maximise their performance, or simply upgrade to SSD to increase the throughput.

You can find some testing performance figures on the below chart.


You may be wondering what these numbers mean. These numbers represent the speeds that each unit populated with hard drives’ speed when writing and reading data compared to the unit’s when populated by the SanDisk X400 SSD’s.

A traditional 4k movie size is around 160gigabytes, putting it into more understandable terms, when using hard drives you could transfer a 4K movie file in 5 minutes and 33 seconds roughly for the ST4-TB, and 10 minutes and 15 seconds for the ST2-TB.

When using the SanDisk X400 SSD’s, a 4K movie can be transferred in 4 Minutes and 7 seconds for the ST4-TB and for the ST2-TB 4 minutes and 30 seconds, a considerable time difference between the two.
Sandisk is a well known flash storage company in the designing industry which was recently acquired by the leading hard drive manufacturer WD, both the companies have a long history of success and proven to deliver on results.

The Sandisk X400 SSD is where high performance meets high reliability. Offering quick responsiveness, high reliability and low power for a seamless experience, backed by a 5 year warranty period, making this the ideal solution for heavy workloads such as video and photo editing, multitasking or office productivity. With 540 read and 520 write.*
But what does this mean for your workflow? it means you won’t be waiting around for long periods of time waiting for your important files to load to edit or save, so you can get more done faster.

So we know the speeds are great, but what are a few other handy features?


The ST2-TB holds up to 16TB of data.

It’s portable so you can take it onsite, anywhere.

The 3mm thick aluminium casing provides durability.

Combined with Thunderbolt 2 technology. It’s fast. and reliable.

Perfect for creative and highly mobile professionals.

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The ST4-TB holds up to 32TB of data.

Portable and small with a handle so its not awkward to carry.

Convenient. Import your data on location.

Sleek design, built tough and durable.

Makes editing faster and more responsive than ever before.

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for all inquiries for the stardom range or if you want to know more, contact one of our sales team today!