OpenFlex Composable Infrastructure

OpenFlex Composable Infrastructure

Highly Scalable and Flexible Resource Utilization


The Future of Data Infrastructure

Composable infrastructure is a new architectural approach that uses NVMe™-over-Fabric to dramatically improves compute and storage utilization, performance, and agility in the data center. With the exponential growth in data, along with the increasing diversity of workflows and demands on IT infrastructure, businesses need to increase speed, agility and time-to-value for their customers.

OpenFlex architecture and products allow storage to be disaggregated from compute, enabling applications to share a common pool of storage capacity. Data can easily be shared between applications, or needed capacity can be allocated to an application regardless of location. Western Digital will initially offer two composable storage options — a high performance, low latency fabric device for mission-critical applications and data, as well as a high-capacity fabric device for tiering, data protection, and disaster recovery.

Highly Scalable and Flexible


Share and manage physical resources with a common interface and API


Disaggregate storage and compute for independent scaling


Independently scale flash and disk storage over the same fabric


  • Composable, shareable high-performance storage
  • Access data from anywhere in the data center
  • Lower CapEx and OpEx by reducing resource over-provisioning
  • Manageable through existing data center orchestration frameworks
  • Reduce stranded or underutilized resources
  • Dynamic provisioning: scale down resources as easily as you scale up

Applications and Workload

  • High-Performance, Low-Latency Apps
  • Database
  • Data Analytics
  • Rack-Scale Flexible Infrastructure
  • Software-Defined Storage Environments
  • Private Cloud
  • Big Data Applications

Open Composability Application Programming Interface

Western Digital’s Open Composability API is a RESTful API that builds upon existing industry standards such as Redfish® and Swordfish™, utilizing the best features of those standards as well as practices from other industry captive management protocols. Designed for data center composability, it is intended to orchestrate all data center elements including; compute, flash, disk, network, accelerators, and disaggregated memory—when it becomes available. The flexible architecture is extensible to support emerging future data center elements. Western Digital will make its open management Open Composability API publicly available to enable and drive vendor neutral solutions.