Introduction G-Technology


We enable content creators to capture and tell their stories.

At G-Technology® we design some of the highest-performing and most reliable leading-edge storage solutions for end-to-end creative workflows. In doing so, we empower creative professionals to capture their dreams, enhance their storytelling, and bring to life their moments of inspired creativity.

Amongst studios, professional videographers and photographers, post-production houses, prosumers, and content creators and curators, our high-end drives are designed for every stage of your creative workflow. Through every touch point of the creative process, we are there helping to keep things moving forward. From capture and ingest … transport and transfer … to editing and final production.

From small portable and rugged drives to large, multi-bay RAID and NAS solutions, G-Technology – a Western Digital Corporation brand – is the powerful, premium storage solutions company focused on meeting the demanding requirements of the media and entertainment industry.

Professional-grade storage for every step of your creative workflow

With the G-technology range of professional drives, you have the perfect accompaniment and support for each stage of professional video production. Whether multiple stream editing, transferring RAW footage quickly or storing whole project, the G-Technology range of professional external hard drives is designed to meet and exceed every professional need.

Welcome to a better world of storing and editing images

Whether backing up on location, working in the studio, or processing and retouching your gathered sessions, the G-Technology range of external hard drives is engineered to keep your precious digital images safe – and speed up your RAW photo edit workflow.

You need sturdy, portable and lightning-quick equipment you can depend on while you capture, transfer, edit and store those perfect moments in time. G-Technology drives were designed specifically for your creative workflow, and offer bus power, massive capacity, Thunderbolt speed, RAID redundancy, extreme reliability, and of course, style.

Our roots run deep within the creative pro community

Reputation is everything—and ours is firmly rooted in delivering premium storage solutions to the full spectrum of professional audio/video producers, photographers and digital media creators.

We’re passionate about going deep to understand creative workflows, and constantly evolve our external data storage to support the rigorous demands of our creative professional partners.

On-The-Go Storage

Stylish designs. Maximum performance. Utmost reliability. All with mobility in mind.

Our portable SSD and HDD external drives have been designed to move with you whereever you go in your everyday life. Use them to store your most precious documents, as well as your digital video/photo/music files.

High-Performance Desktop Drives

From multi-bay RAID solutions to single desktop drives, G-Technology has you covered for all your storage needs.

And we’ll continue to innovate how digital creative content is captured,
stored, shared, and used across the entire end-to-end workflow process.

Demanding Workflows? No Problem

Engineered to run fast, quiet, and around the clock, our portfolio of studio-read storage solutions were designed with one purpose in mind — to meet the workflow needs of today’s most demanding and productive creatives.

These next-generation, high-throughput solutions utilize high-capacity, high-performance Enterprise-class hard drives that can be user-configured into a wide range of RAID options weighted toward speed or additional data protection.

Sébastien Montaz-Rosset

This multi-camera shoot on the Grands Montets in France is one of several capturing
Kilian Jornet for the start of his Summits of My Life project and forms part of the trailer launched in May