Data backup and productivity

backup and productivity

Data is not only the core of any business, but also a significant asset for many users. important files – like your critical work documents or personal photos, deserve a great backup strategy to protect against hardware failures that are unexpected, natural disasters or simple accidental deletion. Synology’s DiskStation Manager is designed to help with not only productivity but also robust and flexible backup solutions.


Snapshot Replication

The ultimate disaster recovery solution for your business

Snapshot replication provides scheduable, near instant data protection, ensuring important business documents in shared folders, virtual machines in iSCSI LUNS, or Docker DSM data remain safe and available in the event of a disaster. With Synology Snapshot replication, back your business up with:

  • Instant protection with snapshot technology
  • Extended replication
  • Disaster recovery for virtualisation environments
  • The ability to define retention policies for each server
  • Export/import initial Replication
  • Self Service recover


Synology hyper backup

Synology hyper backup

Your backup plan, stronger than ever

Backup always comes with a massive challenge, “how can a small, medium or enterprise scale business keep multiple versions of backups while minimizing storage consumption”. Synology Hyper Backup solves this dilemma, providing multi-version backup, while offering friendlier experience and more public cloud support.

With Synology Hyper Backup, plan your backups with:

  • Comprehensive multi-version backup optimised storage utilisation.
  • a full range of multi-version backup destinations.
  • The ability to browse backup versions easily using multiple platforms.
  • scheduled backup tasks
  • Data encryption
  • Configure backup
  • Rotate backups and conserve space with ‘Smart cycle’
  • Hyper backup vault



MailPlus Server

Secure, private mail at your fingertips

MailPlus and MailPlus Server packages allow your business to set up a secure reliable, and private mail server while giving your employees a modern mail client for receiving and sending messages. Running directly off your Synology NAS, eliminating the need to rely on third-party services.








Efficient collaboration

Improve cross-department communications, cut down redundant meetings even exchange and archive messaged, files links, and more. Run from your Synology NAS, chat is a messaging service that ensures sensitive corporate information remains safely stored on company premises while providing users the agility and usability comparable to public cloud services. Chat also works together with office and calendar, helping to make task management less difficult.






Real-time collaboration on your Private Cloud

Work seamlessly together on documents and spreadsheets on a safe and secure private cloud. Every single edit made with be synced with your NAS ensuring sensitive corporate data remains stored safely on company premises. Running directly from your Synology NAS, Office is a collaboration package combining the convenience and usability of public cloud services with reliable data privacy and security offered by the private cloud.







Collaborate further with Synology Calendar

Share calendars, schedule meetings, and add new events directly within MailPlus. Calendar runs on Synology NAS, ensuring sensitive information remains safely stored where you want, for added peace of mind.