DiskStation Manager 6.0

DSM 6.0 is an intelligently engineered and reliable data storage platform that comes with a completely private collaboration suite. Exciting virtualization technologies are designed to benefit the next generation of businesses. Get these and much, much more with DSM 6.0.


Mail Service in Private Cloud

Up your productivity with secure, private email


The all-new MailPlus and MailPlus Server packages allow your business to set up a secure, reliable, and private mail server while giving your employees a modern mail client for receiving and sending messages. Best of all, MailPlus and MailPlus Server run on your Synology NAS, so there’s no need to rely on third-party services. Keep absolute control over your data privacy.






Snapshot Replication

The ultimate disaster recovery solution for your business

Snapshot Replication provides scheduable, near-instantaneous data protection, ensuring business documents in shared folders, virtual machines in iSCSI LUNs, or Docker DSM data remain safe and available in the event of disaster

  • Instant protection with snapshot technology

  • Extended Replication

  • Disaster recovery for virtualization environments

  • Define retention policies for each server

  • Export/import initial replication


Synology Hyper Backup

Your backup plan, stronger than ever

Backup always comes with a big challenge - how can an enterprise keep multiple versions of backups while minimizing storage consumption? To solve this dilemma, Synology Hyper Backup provides multi-version backup, while offering friendlier experience and more public cloud support.

Browse backup versions easily using multiple platforms: When it comes time to restore a version of a file or folder, Synology makes it easy to browse previous versions using the File Station application built into DSM or the Hyper Backup Explorer tool for Windows and Linux computers.

Schedule backups, encrypt your files, configure backup, rotate backups and conserve space with mart cycle, Hyper backup vault

Enjoy a full range of multi-version backup destinations

BTRFS website

BTRFS protects your comapny’s data

Next-generation file system

Btrfs is a modern file system developed by multiple parties and now supported by select Synology NAS models. Btrfs was designed to address obstacles often encountered in enterprise storage systems, such as fault tolerance, management, and data protection.

What it offers:

  • Metadata mirroring and increased data availability
  • Automatic corruption and repair
  • Snapshots and data protection
  • Efficient cloud storage system
  • Data consistency of backups
  • Quotas for shared folders
  • The ability to clone entire shared folders

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