Are you able to recover from disaster?

Hacking, accidental deletion, power interruptions, malware, data theft, data corruption and hard drive failures are just some of the factors you have to worry about on a daily basis when it comes to your data protection. Not only can each of these issues cause you to lose your data, but the negative impacts on daily operations can be astronomical, Such as losing valuable customer information, impacting the sales or account management team and the rest cascades down from there. Thinking of a data redundancy plan may be just another headache to think about, but it doesn’t have to be.

These are not the only factors, there are also physical disasters such as fire, theft, and natural disasters to take into consideration. 80% of businesses do not recover from data loss when disaster strikes, so implementing a solution is vital to ensuring your business is always protected and able to recover from any unexpected occurrence.

When implementing a total back up solution there are a few things to consider, platform, capacity, cost, recovery point objective, recovery time objective.

The Cloud is a popular term on the market, it gives you an infrastructure free, offsite designation to back your data up to you for a monthly description, but how effective is it? The Cloud is accessed via internet, and based on a variety of factors, implications such as performance, reliability, bandwidth all pose problems to give you an optimised backup solution. Because backups from the cloud may hog bandwidth, this can also impact your recovery time, and cause vital tasks to be interrupted or delayed.

Having many versions to recover from is essential, this feature allows you to recover from different points and different versions from different dates, incase of accidental deletion or corruption.

So what is the other option? Synology NAS provides local storage that can be utilised, customised, and configured to individual needs, because every disaster recovery plan is different. Being on site, performance is the least of your worries being attached to your local area network you can optimise performance with out hogging bandwidth across your network.

Not only does a Synology NAS offer a high performance backup solution, but it also gives the flexibility to create your own recovery point objectives that suit your individual requirements, as well as choose from a range of comprehensive back up features to save space or have a fast recovery time.

Having local infrastructure allows you to stay in control of the amount of data you back up with Synology’s Hyper backup featuring de-duplication technology you can save space if capacity is a concern at no additional charge.

Not only can Synology provide a back up solution for the office computers and servers, but it can also create a total disaster recovery plan, utilising it’s ability to become a hybrid cloud, seamlessly linking your current or future cloud solution with the NAS as a one-stop portal and dual redundant solution but back ups can also be done to another off-site NAS creating a disaster proof recovery solution.

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