Radlab – Storage that can keep up with their workflow

Company Name : Radlab

Recommended Models :

  • DS1817+ 8 GB
  • E10G17-F2, 2x 10Gbps SFP+ port

Recommended Features

  • 10 Gbit Networking

The Company:

Radlab is a boutique creative / content agency, they have been producing medium to high end content for social media, print and TV working with medium to big companies.Their goal is to make your content great again, with passion and a strong will to go the extra mile no matter what. Does not matter if the job’s big or small.

Radlab is about making long term partnerships and friendships, strong foundations with great communication lead to amazing content. With many years of experience and a few to many Latte’s we think we have the formula down pretty good! The small things count and something as small as a smile can go a long way and we are all about handing them out for free.

Some campaigns created by Radlab:

The Challenges

Media content is constantly becoming clearer, larger, and more vivid, and at 4K and 8K quickly closing in the need for a solution that can store this expanding content and give the performance needed to access, edit and be flexible enough to cater to future growth is in high demand.

Keeping up with the workflow and sustaining high transfer rates when multiple users are accessing is also important, this is exactly what RADLAB experienced. RadLab were facing an issue where their data is stored on one computer where multiple users are concurrently accessing it.

The Solution

“We have heard that a number of people have had great experience with the Synology and dealing with VST in the industry, so we decided to give this option a try”

VST recommended a DS1817+ 8GB with a Synology EF10GF2 10GbE SFP+ network card. This solution is connected via netgear 10GbE switch which allows our team to centralise and access the data via 10GbE network.The solution was cost effective, and allows all our machines to access the centralised storage in a cost effective 10GbE network, this is exactly what we needed in a small to medium sized production house.“There are many options in the market, but the price-tag is just too high, this solution fits right in and well within the budget.

The Result

The previous infrastructure limited us to only one user accessing the storage unit at a time, which drastically slowed down our workflow.

The new Synology gives us te ability to confidently have all our machines accessing the unit concurrently, the 8 bay unit also gives us flexibility and room to grow in to for the future. “Since we’ve had the unit we are now also utilising other features that come with it, such as the remote access functionality and turning this solution into our very own private cloud system. The solution is great and the installer recommended by VST, we are already looking into a second unit as we speak.”

Cost-effective, High performance backup – Write Limited

Write limited Company Name:
Write Limited

Recommended Models:

  • 2 x DS412+
  • 2x DS415+

Recommended features:

  • High availability (HA) Cluster
  • Hyper Backup
  • CloudSync


The Company:

Write is a world-class plain language consultancy, helping businesses and organizations to achieve their strategic goals through clear and efficient communication


The Challenge:

Previously we (the company) had a Microsoft Small Business Server and Microsoft Exchange Server.  We did not have the skills in our company of 28 staff to maintain this equipment ourselves, and could not justify employing a new staff member specifically to do it. We used external IT providers, who were not only expensive but were often not immediately available to trouble shoot problems when they arose.When major problems occur, the network could be down for hours. Offsite backup consisted  of carrying an external USB drive back and forth from work

The solution:

My husband suggested we replace the Microsoft Small Business Server with a Synology NAS and move everyone’s email over to Microsoft Outlook Online. Initially, there was skepticism that a tiny, relatively cheap NAS could possibly provide the same level of functionality that we had previously. However, with the assistance of Ascent Technology, our IT supplier, and the excellent support provided by VST NZ Ltd, the distributor of Synology products in New Zealand, we were able to make the change to the NAS quite painlessly. In fact, it has turned out that the NAS can do everything the old servers could, and much more. The most important improvements have been increased in redundancy, ease of use, reduced cost, and excellent support.

The Result:
Redundancy: We now have a level of redundancy that we never had before. Each of the two NAS’ devices in the HA cluster has mirrored drives. In addition, all the data is synced in real time using CloudSync to an offsite NAS. The NAS is backed up using multi-versioning to a separate NAS every 3 hours and then nightly to Amazon Drive. There would need to be 12 independent hardware failures in three physical locations before any data loss occurred.

Ease of use: Because the company did not have the expertise to manage their previous server. In contrast, Synology’s NAS management interface DSM is easy to understand and is continually improving. New features are added regularly, for which there is no additional charge. The apps that come bundled with DS have allowed us to easily do things we were unable to in the past – such as run our own inhouse wiki (MediaWiki) and set up a help desk system (OSTicket). In addition, because of the way Synology has enabled remote access, staff can easily access the NAS when working from home (or anywhere in the world), while retaining sufficient security to prevent unauthorized access.

Cost: We saved approximately NZD 30,000 annually by moving to the NAS


Whenever we had questions which could not be answered by online documentation, Synology has been extremely helpful. A system for submitting help requests is built right into the NAS operating system. And the support we have received from the local authorized distributor VST NZ Ltd has been outstanding. Our NAS’ is now several years old and out of warranty but they have continued to provide assistance whenever we have asked for it.

“It is satisfying to know that, even with hindsight, we absolutely made the right decision to switch to a Synology NAS” – Lynda Harris, CEO, Write Limited.


Half Cut Visuals – Fast and Reliable

16707208_1368480973217712_5076795690344822399_oCompany Name:

  • Half Cut Visuals

Recommended Models:

  • Stardom DR2-TB2
  • Stardom iTank i310-SB3


Recommended Features:

  • Fast, Thunderbolt 2 Connection
  • Small and  Versatile – easy to travel with
  • Plug and play, with support for RAID 1





“We need something that is space friendly, sturdy, and portable if the need arises. We also require a high level of Reliability and Redundancy.” – Taylor Wilson, Chief Videographer, Half Cut Visuals.

The company:

Half Cut Visuals focus in Photography and Videography for Nightclubs, Music Festivals, Events, and Product Branding. Although reasonably new on the scene, they have contributed and in most cases edited for premier New Zealand music events such as Our:House 15th Birthday Extravaganza, Hidden Valley 2016, and Rhythm and Vines 2016. Some of their clients Include Remix Magazine, Resident Clothing, and Our:House.



Taylor, Equipped with his Sony A7s, Canon EF 17-40mm Lens, and Zhiyun 3-axis Gimbal at Rhythm and Vines 2016  (Image courtesy of Peter Peterson)

The Challenge:

Half Cut Visuals latest project was filming and photographing at Rhythm and Vines 2016/17 over the New Year. Being a music festival, this was very different from shooting in a studio or on set, so it was not practical to take a laptop and storage setup on-site as there were few secure locations to store the gear. Instead, the laptops and storage gear had to be kept off-site.

The Solution:

After speaking with the sales team at VST (NZ) Ltd, the Half Cut Visuals team were confident the Stardom DR2-TB2 and i310-SB3 was a great fit for them. A 2 Bay thunderbolt 2 storage unit supporting RAID 0 and 1, with a carry handle and small form factor to make it more portable, it was the ideal solution for main storage, while the single bay iTank was a great enclosure to use for back-up.

The Results:
Since the team were staying off-site, the 2 bay DR2-TB2 unit was used for backups, and to make redundant all of the footage and photos (~500GB Total) There was a 2nd Copy of all data stored on the Stardom iTank i310-SB3 1 Bay Enclosure, fitted with a 2TB WD Red NAS Drive. This enabled the team to minimize the memory card usage over the course of the music festival, and also reduce the risk of catastrophic data loss. The units took up minimal desk space, and the Thunderbolt 2 Connection also made it possible to start editing while away from home, without having to worry about capacity on the laptop.

Overall, the Half Cut Visuals team were impressed with the reliability and cost effectiveness of the products, and would recommend the product range to Photographers, Videographers, and anyone else in the Media Industry.


[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXYU7W2iWyI[/embedyt]



Topology 4 ryan

Marshall Day Acoustics Revamped Data Storage for Production and Backup

Marshall Day Acoustics Case Study


Company Name: Marshall Day Acoustics

Recommended Models: DS1815+, DS1515+, DS916+, DS415+

Recommended Features:

  • Hyper Backup.
  • Support for Veeam Backup and Replication.
  • Windows Active Directory integration.
  • Synology DNS Server





“Marshall Day Acoustics previous IT system consisted of Ubuntu file servers at each of our offices throughout New Zealand. This solution was expensive to maintain, and we encountered some compatibility issues with our Windows based workstation. Our backup system was comprehensive but occasionally unreliable.

Our new Synology units are fast, reliable and secure. The NAS servers integrate seamlessly with Active Directory and our Windows Based Workstations. The built-in backup and disaster recovery functionality have been dependable and give us great peace of mind. Using Hyper Backup, we can easily backup data from one site to another. Hyper Backup’s block level incremental back up minimizes required storage for the backup routine, allowing us to be fully prepared for any disaster recovery scenario without using up to much space. With Synology NAS, we experience fewer IT related interruptions and can focus more on what we do best – acoustic consulting.”

The Company:

Founded 1981, Marshall Day Acoustics is one of the largest acoustic engineering firms worldwide. Over the past 35 years, the company has worked on major acoustic engineering projects in over 15 countries. As an innovative, creative and acoustic consultancy, Marshall Day acoustics’ experience encompasses performing arts design, building acoustics, sound system design, planning and resource consents, environmental noise, industrial noise control, underwater acoustics and structural dynamics and vibrations analysis.

The Challenge:

Prior to encountering Synology’s products, the company had only one Linux server storing their data centrally without any offsite backup mechanism to secure their data and to secure their data and to secure their data and to ensure recovery in the event of disaster.

The solution:

Marshall Day Acoustics was advised by NSP, a trusted managed service provider and VST NZ Ltd, the local storage distributor, to consider an alternative enterprise option provided with the Synology feature set. The company decided to adopt 2x DS1815+, 3x DS1515+, and a DS916+ to work along with the existing  DS415+ for a seamless backup solution.


Hyper Backup:

Hyper Backup is the main tool that Marshall Day Acoustics uses. All shared folders, DNS and DHCP are backed up from each production NAS to the onsite backup NAS on a daily basis. In addition to the on-premise backup schedule, a second Hyper Backup routine is performed, sending copies to a backup NAS at a different site. All backup jobs use Smart Recycle with 256 versions to reduce management time.

Support for Veeam Backup & Replication:

Thanks to DSM’s support for Hyper-V environment and Veeam Backup and Replication, the company is also able to backup their data easily from their virtual machine to the Auckland Backup NAS. A backup copy task is also performed on a Backup NAS in Wellington site.

Windows Active Directory integration:

Previously, the company’s shared folders were on a Linux server, running Samba. Now all shared folders of Marshall Day Acoustics sit on the Production Synology NAS at each site. The NAS units are joined to the Windows domain and use Active Directory (AD) user accounts for the ACLs on the shared folders. The company is satisfied with Synology DSM’s brilliant integration with Windows AD.


Black Sticks Adopt Synology For Video Analysis And Cloud Sync

Blacksticks womanCompany Name:

  • Black Sticks – New Zealand Hockey

Recommended Models:

  • DS1515+
  • DS216+

Recommended Features:

  • Robust storage for high definition videos files
  • Cloud Station Share Sync for seamless sharing among multiple Synology NAS servers
  • Easy-to-use interface that made files accessible for even coaches and players



Black Sticks Women’s’ won a silver medial at the 2015 Hockey World League



“With Cloud Station ShareSync, we can sync and back up our players’ performance instantly from RIO 2016 Olympics in Brazil, to our head office in Auckland, New Zealand. Synology has provided us with more than just a robust storage solution for copious amounts of high definition video data. The system is easily accessible by our analysts, coaches and even players. We are now able to eliminate our older storage system for a more comprehensive yet easier solutions.” – Ian Hicks, Senior Performance Analyst, Black Sticks

The company:

The New Zealand National Field Hockey Teams, also known as the Black Sticks, are elite field hockey teams representing New Zealand in international men’s and women’s hockey games. Fostered by Hockey New Zealand, both Black Sticks Men and Women have competed in numerous Olympic Games, with the most recent being held in RIO De Janiero, Brazil. As of October 2016, the Black Sticks Men and Women teams are ranked 8th and 4th, respectively, on the International Hockey Federations (FIH) world rankings.


black stik men

Black Sticks Men’s won the 2015 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Men’s International Hockey Tournament

The Challenge:

Originally, Hockey New Zealand used large capacity RAID Firewire hard drives and Apple Mac mini servers as their previous storage solution, which resulted in a complicated data sharing experience. After the black sticks have their spots confirmed at Rio Olympics 2016, Hockey New Zealand started to search for a better solution. The teams needed a more robust yet simpler solutions such that all analysts, coaches, and players could easily store and share a large quantity of high definition video data at the Olympics, while backing up these valuable files centrally in the Hockey New Zealand Head Office in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Solution:

Recommended by Imagetext, on of New Zealand’s most reputable service providers, and VST NZ Ltd, a local storage distributor, the Black Sticks adopted the synology DiskStation DS1515+ and DS216+ models, with the former serving as the main server at the Hockey New Zealand Head Office, while the latter as the remote server for the teams while competing at the Olympics in Brazil.

The Results:

The Black Sticks and Hockey New Zealand can now eliminate their older system and adopt Synology as the best solution for their needs.

Robust storage for high definition video files

After replacing hard drives and Apple Mac mini servers with a Synology DS1515+ NAS server, high definition raw footage of matches and training sessions can now be stored on a single, scalable device. Additionally, with the Synology DS216+ NAS server, the Black Stick teams could easily store and access large video data while on tour.


Easy to use interface

the intuitive interface of DiskStation Manager (DSM), the operation system for Synology NAS servers, is easily accessible for the Black Sticks, including their analysts, coaches, and even players. Data files are accessible without extensive IT knowledge, enabling quick configuration and efficient access to crucial video data by the teams to develop hockey strategies, especially during important sport events such as the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.


Cloud Station ShareSync

With the deployment of two NAS servers and Cloud Station Share Sync, all new footage stored on Black Sticks’ remote server (DS216+) during the Olympics in Brazil were able to sync back in real time to the main server (DS1515+) at the Hockey New Zealand Head Office. The Black Sticks teams no longer have to worry about tedious data transfer and sharing while on tourdiagram

Ideal storage solution for photography


Justin aitken faaaaaaaaceJustin Aitken, Photographer



Recommended Models:

  • DS1515+

Recommended features:

  • Large storage space and easy remote access
  • Hyper Backup to automatically back up important files every night
  • Hourly snapshot to retain versions in case of mistake


Justin Aikten

“As a professional photographer, I need a storage solution with enough space to hold photos and videos for at least 25 to 30 weddings every year. With my old system – a bunch of external hard drives – I had to manually back them up, which was very time consuming. The DS1515+ gives me more than enough space and an easy to use interface. It also provides fast speeds for me to transfer files from my Mac almost instantly when connected to the internet, as well as access them on any device anywhere wirelessly. Whats best about the DS1515+ is its built-in backup functionality. I use 4 of the 5 drives in the DS1515+ for storage, and then use Synology’s Hyper Backup software to automatically back up my most important data to the 5th drive every night. In addition, I also have Snapshot Replication configured to take snapshots on an hourly basis. If I made a mistake when working on a project, I can retrieve a previous version within seconds. All of these are done quietly in the background – I don’t have to worry about backups anymore.”

 Justin Aitken, an international award-winning photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Qualified and accredited member of NZIPP, with associate, Master of Photography and Fellow distinctions, Justin specialises in wedding, portrait and event photography

Toybox – Cost effective, Real-time Video Editing

WD I cons NEWPromise

Solution Summary

At A Glance
Organisation: Toybox
Website: http://toybox.co.nz

New Zealand

Post Production

Project Overview:
Toybox, a design, animation and visual effects studio, deployed the Pegasus2     R8 and SANLink2 10GBase-T to help them store and edit 4K video for their  range of projects, including the hit TV series filthy Rich.

The Solution

  • Promise Pegasus2 R8 and SANLink2 10GBase-T


  • Can store large amounts of data locally and transfer 4K video files while also having the ability to simultaneously edit these videos and provide real time playback and final grading
  • Great price/performance and fit within their tight budget

Gear List

  • Promise Pegasus2 R8
  • Promise SANLink2 10GBase-T
  • Mac Pro (12-core)
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

 Pegasus2 and SANlink2 are the Missing Pieces of the Puzzle for New Zealand’s Toybox.

It’s all about Thunderbolt 2 for creative professionals.

img  A Scene from ‘Filthy Rich’, a hit drama in New Zealand. Toybox was responsible for color grading,visual effects and 3D animation.

Toybox is a New Zealand based design, animation, and visual effects studio that works to seamlessly blend these disciplines together. They  strive to create attention grabbing motion graphics, quirky, compelling character animation and complex photo-real visual effects. They do a little of everything and they do it flawlessly. This passion has led to Toybox working with leading companies, agencies, producers and directors to tell stories on any budget. It’s no surprise their work has been associated with the hit TV sries Filty Rich and some fo New Zealands most iconic TV ads, such as the Air New Zealand ‘ The hobbit’ videos and a range of innovative commercials for V-energy drink, Arnott’s Shapes, TAB roller- coaster and many more.

 With the company handling an increasing amount of data intensive applications, such as 3D visual effects projects and 4K editing, Toybox needed an upgrade to their hardware. The challnege for Toybox was to find a product that would offer a solution to their local, on-site editing and storage needs. Toybox was in need of a product that would be able to store large amounts of data locally and transfer 4K video files while giving them the ability to simultaneously edit these videos and provide real time playback and final grading. They needed a solution that would provide these features, but at a cost effective price that was within their tight budget. That’s where DVT, a professional reseller in the post production field, came in to the picture with a solution as they provided advice on productst and collaborated with VST NZ Ltd





Set among the rich elite of Auckland, Filthy Rich is the tale of three illegitimate children who stand to inherit part of the vast fortune of their dead father – if they can negotiate their way past the widow, the ex-wife, the son, the daughter and the gangsters who want it as well. Toybox worked with Filthy Pictures on this groundbreaking series for TVNZ

About pegasus2 R8

  • 8 Bay hardware RAID 5/6 solution featuring Thunderbolt 2
  • Offers the highest performance, capacity and protection
  • Blistering performance for creative professionals creating high-resolution video and rich media content

 “We needed a system that could transfer 4K files quickly and handle high bandwidth environments and the Promise Pegasus2 and SANLink2 delivered.”

Breakthrough for Creative Professionals
With media content’s inevitable shift towards 4K, the importance of 4K-ready solutions is critical. The need for storage systems that are  equipped to handle the creation, production, and distribution at higher bandwidths has created urgency for creative professionals to procure high-performance solutions. The recommended solution for Toybox was the Pegasus2 R8 with 24TB of storage along with the SANLink2 10GBase-T from Promise technology.

Promise is a leading developer of high-performance storage solutions for the rich media market. Pegasus2 is a direct attached hardware RAID  5/6 storage solution that connects to a video editing workstation using Thunderbolt 2. Running bi-directionally at 20Gbps, Thunderbolt 2 is a breakthrough technology for video creators and multimedia professionals and provides exceptional performance for 4K real-time playback and final grading.

Pegasus2 & SANLink2 – the Clear Solution
Toybox’s Pegasus2 R8 is hooked up to a 12-core Mac Pro via Thunderbolt 2. SANLink2 10GBase-T is connecting this Mac Pro to the 10GbE network. Again, it is connected by Thunderbolt 2. The system was built to run DaVinci Resolve Studio, primarily for colour grading. Resolve is used to pull the media for the color grade from a NAS to the Promise very quickly via 10 GbE. Once on the Promise R8 it can be used in real-time without interruption as tehy are still connected via 10 GbE to very fast central storage so any changes are made very quickly

“Promise provided Toybox with a clear solution to  problem we were having,” said Bruce Carter, CEO, Toybox. “We needed a system that could transfer 4K files quickly and handle high bandwidth environments and the Promise Pegasus2 and SANLink2 delivered.”

Toybox – High Performance Network Storage

Toybox image


Recommended Models:

  • RS3614xs+

Recommended Features:

  • An expandable, cost-effective storage to provide data access at all times
  • 10GbE capability to ensure high speed data transfers
  • Mac Time Machine support to back up Avid Editing and Resolve Color-Grading systems





“When we started using the RS3614xs+ to serve all of our 3D CGI animators and the render farm, we saw significantly improved performance straight away.” – Bruce Carter, head of Toybox.

The Company

Toybox is a New Zealand based design, animation, and visual effects studio. Working with leading companies, agencies, producers and directors, the company has produced recognisable work including Air New Zealand’s ‘The Hobbit – the Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made,’ the teaser of the TV show ‘Filthy Rich’, and advertisement for Arnott’s Shapes and TAB Rollercoaster.


The Challenge

Toybox previously had a SAN system in place that was reaching its end of life, so required a system that would provide all the features the SAN provided and more, preferably at a price that would not break the bank.

As a post production company, their data needed to stay readily available online for all workstations to access, and the system should have the ability to scale up to meet the every growing storage needs of the industry. Moreover, with the advent of 4K content, 10GbE support was essential to ensure the performance when transferring such data.


The Solution

LANWorx who are Toybox’s Managed Services provider contacted VST, a national data storage distributor in New Zealand. They eventually decided on a Synology RS3614xs+ rackmount NAS server to tackle the aforementioned problems.

10GbE capability allows transferring 4K data in high speeds

The RS3614xs+ came with dual PCIe slots which allowed the installation of two 10GbE Network Interface Cards (NIC) that in total provided four 10GbE ports, giving their workstations more than enough bandwidth to handle ultra high resolution materials. ‘When we started using the RS3614xs+ to serve all of our 3D CGI animators and the render farm, we saw significantly improved performance straight away,’ commented Bruce Carter, head of Toybox.

High scalability and Time Machine support to serve files to and back up all workstations

With the possibility to expand to 36 hard drives, RS3614xs+ enabled Toybox to add more storage space as their data and business grow, instead of having to make the entire investment at the start. The company also used its large capacity to automatically backup critical systems and workstations. ‘The Time-machine function is so handy and easy to use that we use it to backup all of our Mac Avid Editing and Resolve Color-Grading systems,’ Carter said.

To sum all of this up, the Synology RS3614xs+ solved two problems for Toybox that were commonly seen in the industry: it gave them the power and speed to make all data – especially large 4K content – accessible online by all devices; it also provided huge storage space that would be able to accommodate the file storage and backup requirements for many years to come. Both of these were achieved through a solution that was easy to maintain, easy to use, and didn’t come close to blowing the budget.

‘The next step for us is to purchase a second system that can be used to serve other departments and be used for folder synchronisation so that we can have that extra layer of redundancy,’ Carter added.

Case Study : Couplands Bakery

Couplands Bakery

Recommended Models:

  • DS1812+
  • DS412+
  • DS411+

Recommended Features

  • Real-time surveillance on PC, Mac, and mobile devices
  • Reliable and cost-effective surveillance solution
  • Image analysis tools
  • Complete and expanding IP camera support




“Synology NVR solution is reliable, feature-rich, and cost-effective. It completely exceeded our requirements and expectations, helping us efficiently monitor 26 retail stores and two factories, centrally as well as remotely,” “Synology even managed to support the latest fisheye technologies, giving us the cost-effective solution of using only one Vivotek fisheye camera to cover all angles of a location. The dewarping feature works really well.”
Lindsay Sutcliffe, CIO, Coupland’s Bakeries

The Company

Founded over 40 years ago, Coupland’s Bakeries (www.couplands.com) is one of the largest independently owned bakery chains in New Zealand. The company operates 26 retail bakeries throughout the South Island, Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga and most recently Napier, and two large-scale manufacturing facilities in Christchurch and Hamilton. The tasty, high-quality baked goods make Coupland’s Bakeries a family favorite across the country.

The Challenge

Coupland’s Bakeries had an old Windows-based surveillance system that occasionally broke down and was very slow at responding. It was difficult to identify whether the problem resulted from management software or hardware when the system failed. As a result, the company often experienced inefficiency in resolving incidents during live monitoring and playback of recorded footage.

Aiming for great customer service and high quality products, Coupland’s Bakeries require surveillance to oversee cashier’s desks, truck pickups and deliveries, as well as the entire retail stores and factories. Thefts, errors, and vandalism have to be managed. A reliable and efficient surveillance system is therefore crucial to the company’s operational excellence.

The Solution

In 2011, Coupland’s Bakeries sought to replace their old surveillance system with a reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-manage IP surveillance solution. After a thorough evaluation of several PC and NAS systems, Lindsay Sutcliffe, CIO of Couplands’ Bakeries, decided on Synology surveillance solution, and deployed over 30 units of DiskStations to manage a total of 265 IP cameras in their 26 retail bakeries and two large-scale production facilities. The system integrator who deployed the solution is Active Security Systems. They have a very good understanding of the Synology Surveillance Station software and extensive experience with IP security camera deployment from small to large sites. All the DiskStations are centrally managed by the company’s head office in Christchurch. Many sites also set up a screen to display a live-view of the images streamed from shop cameras locally.

Coupland's Bakeries minimizes shrinkage and achieves operational efficiency with Synology NVR solution

The Result

High Scalability and Comprehensive Camera Support

Coupland’s Bakeries owns numerous retail bakeries and production facilities across New Zealand, each with a different size and security requirement. “Synology provides a wide selection of DiskStations, from which we can choose different models that fit the needs of large or small sites. Also, Synology DiskStations are designed to scale flexibility to store video streams with high image quality,” noted Sutcliffe.

Prior to Synology surveillance solution, Coupland’s Bakeries already deployed several IP cameras in various sites. According to Sutcliffe, switching to Synology surveillance solution does not leave their existing cameras inoperative; instead, all of them are compatible with Synology DiskStations. Furthermore, Synology’s camera support continues to add the latest camera models to its compatibility list. “Synology even managed to support the latest fisheye technologies, giving us the cost-effective solution of using only one Vivotek fisheye camera to cover all angles of a location,” explained Sutcliffe. “The dewarping feature works really well.”

Reliability and Ease of Use

Another advantage to Synology surveillance solution is its reliability. “Compared with our old Windows-based surveillance system, Synology DiskStations are very stable, capturing clear images and playing recorded footage smoothly,” said Sutcliffe. Coupland’s Bakeries also configure their DiskStations with different RAID levels to get an extra layer of protection to their surveillance footage.

All the DiskStation models run Synology Surveillance Station, and share the same features. “Surveillance Station is intuitive and easy to use, making it quick for employees to utilize the system.” noted Sutcliffe. Because Surveillance Station is entirely web-based, it is easier for the company to maintain the system than having to installing client software on each computer.

Feature-rich yet Cost-effective

Surveillance Station offers rich features to help Coupland’s Bakeries capture moments of vandalism, theft, errors, and accidents during live feeds and recorded events. A variety of analytic tools, such as motion detection, offer substantial capabilities and send alerts to when suspicious incidents occur. The company was especially impressed by DS cam. “DS cam allows us to react to incidents while away from the office, providing mobile device access to all sites including live viewing and recorded footage.” said Sutcliffe.

Coupland’s Bakeries pointed out that DiskStations are worth every money invested in, with the new features provided in software upgrades at no additional charge. “Synology NVR solution is reliable, feature-rich, and cost-effective. It exceeded our requirements and expectations, helping us efficiently monitor 26 retail stores and two factories, centrally as well as remotely,” concluded Sutcliffe. After two years of implementing Synology surveillance solution, the company has started to take advantage of other features coming along with DiskStations, such as network backup and storage. “Synology DiskStations also become a favorite among the IT support staff, with all having one DiskStation deployed at home,” added Sutcliffe.

Case Study: The Digital Foundry

The Digital Foundary

Recommended Models:

  • RC18015xs+
  • RS3614xs+
  • RS3411RPxs
  • RS814+

Recommended features

  • Comprehensive iSCSI support for VMware storage
  • High availability and snapshot protection
  • Secure, cost-effective remote backup




The Company

Founded in 1986, The Digital Foundry (TDF) is a premier IT solutions provider in Sydney that specialises in infrastructure design and implementation, disaster recovery, systems support, application deployments, and information security. It has over 400 clients from a wide range of industries – in particular legal, financial, hospitality, and construction – and provides support not only in Australia but also New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and China. In 2013, the TDF Cloud Services, a separate entity, was established to concentrate on delivering the right services and products to hosted customers in the cloud.


The Challenge

Prior to Synology, the company used a lot of built-in technologies with large hard-drive arrays, which quickly became inflexible and uneconomical as their hosted services expanded. “There were a couple of other brands we looked at, and they just didn’t have the ability to do what Synology did from the ground up,” Steve Gordon, TDF’s founding partner, recalled the time when the company had made the move to Synology. “The Synology products offer us two things: the availability of business-grade functionality, and a reasonable price tag.”


The Solution

High performance, full iSCSI support enabled cloud hosting services

TDF Cloud Services’ infrastructure comprised multiple VMware hosts with an exceptional amount of guest server operating systems. Almost all services of the company ran on virtual machines for which Synology’s RC18015xs+ hosted iSCSI LUNs as VMware datastores. Thanks to its comprehensive iSCSI support and VMware compatibility, since its deployment, the RC18015xs+ had been the backbone of TDF’s large number of guest servers.


System and data protection through high availability and snapshot technology

This specific product was brought in during TDF’s search for a way to strengthen system redundancy. “When the RC18015xs+ was announced, we thought, ‘this is what we need,’ because it gives us that redundancy,” said Gordon. “And that thing was fast. We have 10GbE infrastructure throughout this office. The 10GbE iSCSI into it – the performance results, the I/O tests, they were very, very quick.” After some testing, he decided to replace their original RS3614xs+ with two RC18015xs+: they worked together as a high-availability cluster but shared the same storage (expandable beyond 1 petabyte), eliminating the considerable costs of having to purchase two identical sets of storage units and hard drives. He also implemented RC18015xs+’ built-in shared folder snapshot technology to further enhance data redundancy.


Remote desktop services using Synology’s WebDAV connectivity

Besides the iSCSI solution, TDF had another Synology RS3614xs+ in place to offer WebDAV connectivity for their remote desktop services. Customers required 500GB or 1TB of drive space, so the TDF Cloud connected directly to RS3614xs+ through WebDAV, bringing physical drives into the virtual space. An additional RS3411RPxs served as a remote backup and disaster recovery point for TDF Cloud Services’ infrastructure.

Secure, cost-effective disaster recovery service for on-premise solutions

TDF was also a service provider of on-premise solutions, and hosted Synology products on client sites. To develop disaster recovery capability for over 80 such customers as well as for TDF Cloud Services, they brought in two RS814+ to perform secure, encrypted remote backups. The approach was both cost-effective and flexible, since more RS814+ could simply be added as the DR business grew. “The price point of RS814+ is so good – we can fill it with 6TB hard drives and get a lot of storage,” added Gordon. “This allows us to have direct connecting points between clients and devices. We give them the encryption, the security, and the isolation.”

The Benefits

The same user experience across all product lines

Since its entry into hosted services, TDF’s infrastructure has grown from 4 to 46 servers, in which Synology products play a very large role. “They have enabled us to offer secure services, fast connectivity, and redundant environment,” says Gordon. As a long-time system integrator, the best part of Synology for him is that one can have the same experience from the consumer grade through to the business grade product. Although individual features may differ, the interface remains the same. He comments on the significance from past experience: “You look at some other products – every interface was different for different product line-ups, making it really hard to get a grip on what is going on. You are just like, ‘how do I manage this?’”

Continuous support and expansion possibility even for older units

Gordon is also impressed by the efforts Synology has put into in maintaining a solution that would continue to be compatible throughout the model line-up. “The fact that I can add an expansion unit to older units, 3 models below, shows that the compatibility chain has maintained,” he points out. “We saw the problem with a lot of other vendors: you sell a product, and in less than a year it is succeeded. In most cases, that means the end of life, the end of support, and the end of usefulness of the product which this customer purchased. It isn’t the case with Synology.”


“There were a couple of other brands we looked at, and they just didn’t have the ability to do what Synology products did from the ground up. Synology has enabled us to offer secure services, fast connectivity, and redundant environment.”

Steve Gordon, founding partner, The Digital Foundry