ST4-TB 2xThunderbolt 2 port JBOD & RAID 0

The Stardom ST4-TB is a 4 Bay storage device designed to house all your videos and photos for storage and editing, featuring 2x Thunderbolt 2 ports for optimum performance.

The SOHOTANK ST4-TB is a high performance storage unit that is perfect for video and photo editing. This enclosure has two Thunderbolt 2 ports that allow for dual 20GBs channels for transfer rate. By using four 8TB hard drives this enclosure allows up to 32TB of storage. The enclosure can use 3.5 in. drives 2.5 in. drives or SSDs in this unit to fit your needs. This unit supports JBOD or RAID 0 mode. Removable trays allow for easy removal and replacement of hard drives if necessary. This compact design is great for those who need a portable solution.


JBOD, or otherwise known as “Just a Bunch of Disks” lists your drives as independently accessible disks so you'll be able to utilize their large capacity for your needs.


RAID 0 provides you with extra speed by evenly striping data across the two drives. Since there is no fault tolerance or redundancy, the whole array will fail should one drive fail.

Detachable Handle

Included with this unit is a handle that you can install yourself in order to easily carry it from job to job.

Heat Management

Featuring a full aluminum body and a built-in fan, this enclosure can efficiently cool your installed drives, keeping them cool and operational.

Model NoST4-TB
InterfacesThunderbolt 2 Port x 2 ( up to 20 Gbps )
Compatible Drive4 x 3.5?/2.5? SATA III HDD/SSD ( up to 6 Gbps )
Support large volume up to 8TB
Storage ModeJBOD – Independent Mode
RAID 0 – Speed Mode
Cooling System9 cm Low noise fan
Electrical and operating requirements* Line voltage: 100-240V AC
* Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase
* Maximum continuous power: 150W
* Operating temperature: 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
* Storage temperature: -4° to 116° F (-20° to 47° C)
* Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
Size and WeightHeight: 166 mm Width: 124 mm Depth: 248 mm Weight: 3.4 kg
Package Accessories* ST4-TB x 1 (with removable drive tray enclosed x 4)
* Thunderbolt Cable x 1
* AC Power Cable x 1