Promise VTrak A-Class Series

The All-In-One Storage Solution For Rich Media

The Promise VTrak A-Class series, is the ideal solution for multi-user collaboration to ingest, stream, edit and process rich media files. Considered a true solution in a box RAID storage subsystem, with an integrated metadata appliance and embedded file system for big data, along with a NAS gateway
Simple and Fast; A Winning Combination

VTrak A-Class is optimized for high performance, high bandwidth, high scalability and rich media applications that require large block sequential IOPs, while its All-in-one Metadata appliance, RAID storage subsystem and file system makes it much less complicated to use. The ability to pay as you grow, from 32TB of storage to a whopping 7PB for a long term storage investment. the VTrak x30 being the only apple qualified enterprise SAN subsystem, with high availability dual controllers, hot-swappable modular disk arrays, the A-Class can help you save on rack space, and help lower energy costs making this a cost effective solution.

Optimized For Video-Centric Environments

The VtrakFS, from the Vtrak A-Class series, optimises a file system for leveraging 8Gb FC interface for large file data ingesting, streaming, or processing between a SAN and it’s client, unlike traditional NAS file systems. Data is directly transferred between the SAN appliance and clients over the SAN FC network, this means high bandwidth performance, and lower latency data transfers, perfect for Media and Entertainment, HPC applications, and other video-centric environments.

VTrak – The Solution To Video Storage Needs

Increase capacity without sacrificing performance

Supports 1024 RAID Logical Drives to make up the volume
JBODs can be added to increase the storage space
RAID heads can be added as Storage Nodes to dynamically increase the storage space as well as increase the number of FC counts, thus scaling performance
All this can be done online, without interrupting clients

Capacity48TB to 7PB raw Non-disruptive expansion using: VTrak x30 Fibre Channel RAID Storage Systems VTrak x30 Expansion Chassis
VTrakFS™ File SystemVTrakFS™ – Integrated clustered file system
Supports up to 8 simultaneous file systems per system
Serve up to 1 billion files
Directory Support: LDAP, Active Directory, Open Directory
Advanced online defragmentation tool (Advanced Anti-Fragmentation Algorithm)
Supports ACLs (Access Control List) and User Quota
AvailabilityRedundant Controllers Hot-Swappable Power Supply Units Hot-Swappable Controllers Non-Disruptive Firmware/Software Updates Hot-Swappable Disk Drives
InterfaceQuad 8G Fibre Channel ports per controller (total of 8 ports for high-availability systems)
RAID SupportRAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
Power E_x001F_ciencyFour levels of advanced power management disk drive (MAID) support Efficient 80Plus Certified power supplies
Management Tools/InterfaceSingle VTrak A-Class SAN management software Embedded management using VTrak A-Class SAN management software (via Ethernet) Advanced Command Line Interface (Serial Port or Ethernet via telnet and SSH) Third Party Management support via SNMP, CIM
Client Licenses10 Universal or 30 Mac Only included. Supports hundreds of clients.
WarrantyThree year complete system limited warranty