Running Out Of Space On Your Phone?

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Not Enough Storage On Your Phone?

Smartphones, one of the most used products on Earth, the device you most likely couldn’t get through the day without, the hand held device that makes daily life so much easier, is changing the way we work and live. We all own one of these convenient little packages that replaces a multitude of things such as your point and shoot camera, music player, portable gaming device, GPS navigator and portable video player. But what do these all have in common? They all require storage.

Smartphones generally come in a range of different storage capacities, from 8GB to 128GB’s of raw capacity. But how much of that total storage do you REALLY get from that?

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You can see an example of a range of smartphone models, with 16GB’s of storage capacity. The smartphones operating systems and built in features take quite a big chunk out of your overall storage space, leaving you with a little less than what you thought you had. Sure, the remaining storage still sounds like a lot but you’ll quickly find that it won’t be enough.

With apps, photos, music, and videos getting bigger and your smartphones being limited by it’s internal capacity, your phone will fill up sooner or later. But what do you do then? Buy a new phone? buy a micro SD card ( if your phone can hold one), do you delete whats currently on your phone? Pay a premium to use a public cloud service? There are many options to consider.

There is one key remaining factor, that is storage space longevity, giving you the power to store and easily access your data quickly and safely without worrying about how much space you have left. But what’s on the market that give you this freedom?

Have you ever considered using a private cloud? A “cloud” that’s just for you and who ever you let use it? I know what your thinking, that’s too scary to use and that’s okay. But what if it was as easy as a simple app? You’ve probably used the public cloud before but private clouds can be a great way to store your own stuff, without letting anyone you don’t want access those files, they also add large amounts of storage to your phone. One of the best features about a private cloud? you can automatically sync your files to it in the background, share files with ease and access them all with a simple application.

That means no more deleting old memories, no more worrying about about how much space you have left on your mobile devices and on a side note, no more performance issues when you phone gets closer to its total capacity. With you’re own cloud, the lack of storage becomes a thing of the past. With your own cloud, the lack of storage space becomes a thing of the past. You can automatically access your files for your own personal use or share with your friends’ music, videos, photos etc from your own network, saving you valuable space on your phone, all done with the touch of an app.

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