Peace of mind for media storage

As the world shifts towards high resolution content the demand for storage space to accommodate these growing file sizes is increasing. Not only the storage capacity, but also the speed and performance for these storage devices has becoming increasingly important. For creative professionals living a life on the go it is essential to have a portable storage device that is not only compact and reliable but also provides the user with high accessibility to their media content. Traditional portable hard drives do not meet the performance requirements for such an application so the hunt for an appropriate device is becoming a challenge.

Portable external hard drives are great for moving small files from one location to another, and can be an ideal portable storage device for home users. But when applying this to the professional field, where redundancy and performance are becoming a necessity, these small portable drives just don’t make the cut. Portable Hard drives normally come with single hard disk, so in an event where this hard disk fails all of your data is be lost. Due to this we recommend having a device capable of running multiple disks in a RAID configuration. Put simply a RAID or redundant array of independent disks allows for the mirroring of data across two or more hard drives to provide a redundant copy of your data that is kept constantly up to date. Now looking in to performance, when accessing a standard portable HDD via USB3 you are limited to the throughput of a single hard drive so your performance will max out at around 150Mb/s in general. The question is what is the best solution that meets your performance requirements while still providing data redundancy?

Enter Stardom. Stardom is a well known brand in the post production and media market, who offer cost effective, high speed, direct attached storage solutions for multimedia designers and creative professionals working in rich media. The eject-able hard drive bay design makes the stardom units more portable than ever before, and their solid aluminium chassis protects them from the wear and tear of life on the go. With a wide range of connectivity to suit, their solutions come in USB, eSATA and Thunderbolt connectivity, in multi drive bay configuration, allowing you to customize your storage to suit your needs. For performance you can set it to RAID 0 and utilise the throughput of 1 or up to 8 hard drives or set it to RAID 1 or 5 for data redundancy saving you from unexpected data loss.  This flexibility allows the content creator to stream and edit high resolution media directly from the device without the need to download files while also keeping your files safe from HDD failure.