10 Reasons Why You Need A NAS


10 Reasons Why You Need A NAS


What Is a NAS?

Most data storage are either local, for example with in physical reach such as an external hard drive, or cloud based such as drop-box or Google drive. A NAS or Network Attached Storage is a combination of the two essentially hard drives connected to a network. Being connected to the entire network means that it can be accessed by an computers on the network at the same time.

NAS not only give you simple storage functionality, it also has a wide range of enhanced features that help to make it an all in one solution. Normally, an OS is pre installed on the NAS which will give you a range of additional enhanced features at no extra cost. A NAS can also function as a private cloud which will give you the same if not better performance and features as a public cloud, but most importantly of all allowing you to have total control over your storage, improving the overall privacy of your data.

Most NAS systems are configured in a RAID array consisting of multiple drives, this configuration will generally give you a fault tolerance fo one drive, meaning if one drive fails, your data will be safe.

But What Are The Benefits Of The NAS Over An External HDD Or The Cloud?

1). Easiest Way To Add Storage

NAS are the easiest ways to add storage to your network without interruption. Simply plug the device in to your network and you will have near instant additional storage, and lots of it. Obviously you will have all the other bells and whistles that come with it, such as user access rights and much more.

2). Share With Ease

With a NAS you can easily share your data in a cross platform environment, regardless of what operating system you use. Gone are the days of duplicating files on multiple PC’s, copying the file for family members to an external hard drive or USB stick and physically moving it to another PC. This will also offer you user access rights so you can control who can read or write which folder in the system.

3). It’s Your Very Own Private Cloud

We all know cloud storage is incredibly convenient, which is why the majority use it, but do you really know who has access to it? The initial cost might be attractive but what about if your data grows? Especially when important, private data is involved. Because your NAS is your own private cloud only you and who you give permission to can access and see those files. You won’t lack any features of the public cloud and you will have better control and more cost effective solution. Don’t be a long term storage tenant be an owner.

4). Backups, Backups, And Backups.

With everything moving towards the digital age, losing your data is becoming more and more common. We all know how important data is right? So backing up your data should be standard in all aspects of business or everyday use. Doing this on a daily basis can be a pain, we know it’s easier to skip a day than to do it every day right? Good news, NAS can perform automatic backups, mirroring any changes made locally on your computer immediately. These solutions can offer you back up from your PC or phone to the NAS, with in the NAS, NAS to portable HDD, NAS to the cloud, or even NAS to NAS, giving NAS the nickname total backup solution. Memories are irreplaceable; would you pay a huge sum for data recovery or a small investment for a NAS and back it up today?

5). Rest Easy Your Data Is Protected, Even On The Go

Working on your mobile device, accessing photos and videos on the go is the new norm with recent advances in technology. Having more and more mobile devices on you increases the risk that your devices could be stolen or damaged, and with that your data such as important university assignments, memories from a family holiday. With NAS this data can be automatically synced back in real time and stored on the NAS so you can access our data from anywhere, meaning if a device is lost damaged or stolen, your data is still safe.

6). It’s Not Complicated To Setup

This is a major benefit, it doesn’t long at all to setup and get running with most using a simple interface that’s web-based that guides you to set up your device and access settings. Most also come with Apps to access all the features with the tap of a button.

7). Your Own Media Server

While you can’t use the cloud as a home media server, with a NAS you can. Stream your favourite content such as movies, photos, or music to your Playstation, Smart TV or Bluetooth speakers. NAS are also compatible with Apple TV, Roku, ChromeCast and Android TV.

8). Personal Home Surveillance

Attach a couple cameras to your network and double your NAS as your very own surveillance station. Keep your mind at ease and check your cameras from anywhere, at home, at work or on the go with NAS such as Synology offering apps to check your cameras on your mobile devices and record it directly to your NAS.

9). Mobile Apps

Using your NAS on the go to access all your videos, music orĀ  photos from home, ca be done through Apps. Synology for example has apps that can be downloaded for free from the Appstore or Playstore giving you one touch applications to fully utilise your NAS’ at your convenience.

10). Support

By using one of these NAS you data is fully supported, purchasing through a reputable re-seller means that you will have support in local time from the authorizes distributor.